Premium dairy alfalfa in large square bales is our highest quality nutrient dense feed in the large square bale. This is a dairy milk cow quality hay generally having a RFV test of 180 to 200 and RFQ Test of 170 to 195 depending on the batch. The hay is generally leafy and short and will fall apart in a feed mixer. We source this hay in the western US where desert conditions make drying alfalfa properly possible. Each batch is slightly different and we sell this hay on test results matching the customer’s needs. Average batches are around 150 ton and may be as large as 4 to 500 ton. Because many customers need long term consistent supplies that can be delivered over time it is common for us to contract 1 or multiple batches to the same customer for future delivery. This allows us to reserve the hay in our inventory and deliver over time as needed.

3×4 bales weigh around 1400lb are most common although we do sell some in 4×4 2000lb and 3×3 1000lb sizes as well. All these bale sizes can be easily moved with a loader equipped with bale spears.

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4x4x8 large square, 3x3x8 large square (weights vary >) and 3x4x8 large square
Premium dairy quality alfalfa from Aden Brook